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For over 50 years, Youth Science Canada has been Canada's leading organization for the promotion of innovation and celebration of excellence in science, engineering and technology among our nation's youth.

Youth Science Canada provides or partners in programs to increase awareness and involvement of youth in science, engineering and technology, to engage, mentor and recognize Canada’s young scientists, to set standards for scientific experimentation by young people, to promote the creation and support of science and technology fairs, and to engage scientists, engineers, educators, parents and leading public and private sector organizations in the development of a national science, engineering and technology network of Canadian youth.

Youth Science Canada is best known for its showcase event, the annual Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF), which hosts the top 500 young scientists from across the country. 

Items available for sale here are:

  • Canada-Wide Science Fair hoodies
  • Smarter Science Framework posters
  • Smarter Science teacher handbooks 

    Visit us at: www.youthscience.ca

    Youth Science Canada, PO Box 297, Pickering, Ontario, L1V 2R4